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Why do Turks buy the newspaper?

According to the research, although Turkish people are not very keen in reading, numerous newspapers are sold everyday in Turkey. Turks buy the newspaper, but not only to read! Newspapers still come very handy but guess for what? :

1. Tablecloth

2. Swatter

3. Blocking chimney

4. Dresser cloth

5. Cleaning windows and glass (better than even detergent !)

6. During cooking rice (between glass lid and rice)

7. Kite tail

8. Wrapping bottle of beer, wine or Turkish raki

9. Base plate of birdcage

10. Doormat of cars

11. Make hat (especially in summer !)

12. Cone for seeds

14. Covering furnitures in case of moving into a new house or paint and whitewash

15. Base plate for rubbish bin

16. Ignite stove

17. Packing material for new bags

18. Fan