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Istanbul Shopping Fest ’13

Posted on by mertaltinoklu

A festival as lively as Istanbul… Istanbul Shopping Fest, which is the largest shopping festival in Turkey, continuing in full swing to June 30th, 2013. ISF’13 offers you special discounts of up to 50%, numerous cultural and artistic activities, special accommodation privileges, advantageous prices in eating and drinking, and so on!   Here are some special discounts… Some options for eating and drinking…   Detailed […]

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We Love Nature

Posted on by mertaltinoklu

Unison Turkey supports protection of green and nature, especially nowadays while Turkish people are in unity and solidarity claiming protection of the green areas. In our opinion, gardens full of trees and plants are crucial for big cities like Istanbul. We love green, we love trees, we love nature. Here’s a frame from our Garden & Horticulture Tour group in front of a 2000 year-old monumental cedarwood.. It […]

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