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5 Little Heavens Near Istanbul

Istanbul, timeless city… Stressful business life, traffic jam and crowds here bore us sometimes. Pınar Yeşilova from made a list of easy-to-go places near Istanbul in maximum 2 hours. We highly recommend you to visit the top 5 of these places without thinking any city-related thoughts…

1. Pinarli Village



You have to go to Sile firstly to reach this heaven village 97 km far away from Istanbul. When you arrive in Sardala Bay, do not forget to swim in the icy water. This place is an awesome camping place for those that want.



2. Polonezkoy



It would not be false if we call there the greenest part of the region.. This 32 km far away green heaven is exactly an oxygen-rich for those that breathe away from city center.




3. Agva



Agva, 97 km far away from Istanbul, can be the most beautiful place near Istanbul, maybe an extraterrestrial village to some.. You can swim there or be drunk with natural beauties of there. You will love wooden structures, all the shades of green, and romance of the area…



4. Cigdem Upland



This about 1500 m high upland gave its name from colchicum blooming after snow. You can highly enjoy fresh air, blue sky and green gardens there!




5. Terkos Lake



For those that like to do picnic and read book on the lake shore, Terkos Lake is a heaven that is 45 km far away from Istanbul.