Etiket Arşivi: belly dancing

Magical November in Istanbul & Cappadocia with Ozgen & Didem

Summer may be almost over but an excellent experience is waiting for you in Turkey this November. Get ready to learn the essentials of belly dancing with the two famous Turkish belly dance performers, Ozgen and Didem!

The tour takes place in the heart of belly dancing, Istanbul and Cappadocia, the two most beautiful sites of Turkey!

Take your chance to be a part of this amazing experience!

History, Culture, Great Food, Dance along Gypsy street musicians, Get your own tailor made costume, Shopping, Fun

Outstanding Nature, History, Sufi whirling dervishes, stay in a cave hotel

* Chance to meet and watch a Kocek (Ottoman style male belly dancer) *

and of course.. lots of belly dancing with Ozgen and Didem!

*For detailed itinerary and booking, visit here*


Little bit of nostalgia: Ozel Turkbas – Alla Turca

Ozel Turkbas is a Turkish famous belly dancer both in Turkey and United States from the late 1960s to ’70s. Especially when Turkbas was living in the United States, she introduced belly dancing to American women and men. The album “Alla Turca” is considered that one of the most inspiring belly dance albums worldwide. In that album, she worked with great ney master Aka Gunduz Kutbay. There are also her special belly dance instructions with pictures in the album. “Alla Turca” is still available on the market for belly dance lovers.














Woman’s Weekly Magazine – Belly Dancing

Our belly dancing tours were mentioned in 12 June 2012 Issue of Woman’s Weekly Magazine in the UK. In the news titled “a break with tradition”, the magazine gave place to Unison Turkey’s two-night/three-day package that includes belly dancing classes, city tours and B&B accommodation. If you want to get this fantastic experience too, visit Unison Turkey website and contact us ! –

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