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Magical November in Istanbul & Cappadocia with Ozgen & Didem

Summer may be almost over but an excellent experience is waiting for you in Turkey this November. Get ready to learn the essentials of belly dancing with the two famous Turkish belly dance performers, Ozgen and Didem!

The tour takes place in the heart of belly dancing, Istanbul and Cappadocia, the two most beautiful sites of Turkey!

Take your chance to be a part of this amazing experience!

History, Culture, Great Food, Dance along Gypsy street musicians, Get your own tailor made costume, Shopping, Fun

Outstanding Nature, History, Sufi whirling dervishes, stay in a cave hotel

* Chance to meet and watch a Kocek (Ottoman style male belly dancer) *

and of course.. lots of belly dancing with Ozgen and Didem!

*For detailed itinerary and booking, visit here*


Belly Dancing with Bozenka

***7 days to go until our Belly Dancing week in Istanbul with Bozenka & Reyhan Tuzsuz starts***

We are so excited about this very special tour… Experience magic of belly dance with world-renowned belly dance performers Bozenka and Reyhan Tuzsuz, shop at the most famous bazaars, enjoy the life in Istanbul!

Don’t miss out, BOOK NOW!


Have a great year, sweet as Turkish delight!

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013! As every year, different trips, different adventures and different experiences are waiting for us in this year. Unison Turkey offers you several small group tours with experts in 2013! We have many tour in accordance with every concept. From cuisine to belly dance, from eco-tourism to shopping, you can find the tour that suits your interest too!



A Pleasant Journey in the Black Sea Region of Turkey

We all know that Istanbul has a great charm and Turkey’s southern coast is exactly a holiday paradise. So, what about the shores of the Black Sea? This region contains great cultural and historical accumulation, heavenly beautiful beaches and incredibly delicious cuisine. Let’s take a closer look at Black Sea Region of Turkey with beautiful photos!






Though the overwhelming majority is Turkish, there are some Laz people and Georgian people living in the eastern Black Sea Region, and unlike both ethnic groups in neighboring Republic of Georgia (where they are Georgian Orthodox Christians), are Sunni Muslim.

















Those who dislike the heat and humidity of the summer in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey, escape to the plateaux of the mountains in the Black Sea region which are almost permanently cloudy and receive immense amounts of rain and are very attractive with rich flora and fauna, forests,crater lakes, waterfalls, rivers, streams, mountain and nature walk, rafting, canoe and winter sports, hunting and fishing, grass skiing, healing water and local dishes.












Click for detailed information about Black Sea Region of Turkey

Source : Wikipedia


Hall of Fame in Istanbul

Music, dance, sports.. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find in Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey! Nowadays, almost every celebrity’s and performer’s tour list includes the city of Istanbul. Instead of waiting for your favourite artist to perform in your city, why not come to Istanbul to see them and enjoy this beautiful city even more!!
Here are some concerts and events taking place in Istanbul soon :
  • Enrique Iglesias – 24 October
  • Jennifer Lopez – 16-17 November
  • Il Divo – 27 September
  • Inna – 9 November
  • LMFAO – 7 October
  • Sting – 26 November
  • Scorpions – 19 October
  • NBA Eupope Live 2012 – 5 October
  • WTA Championships Istanbul – 23-28 October
  • Turkish Airlines World Golf Final – 9-12 October
  • Steve Vai – 2 November
  • Sensation Party 2012 – 13 October
  • Paul Banks – 13-14 February
  • Kings Of Convenience – 26-28 September
  • Jay – Jay Johanson – 8 November

9th Konya International Mystic Music Festival

9th edition of the Konya International Mystic Music Festival will take place under the serene shadow of Mevlana Rumi’s tomb in Konya, between 22-30 September 2012. The most famous mystic music performers of Iran, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Mauritania, China, Georgia, India and Turkey will meet in this festival. Panels and exhibitions of 805th Hz Mevlana’s Birth Anniversary Celebrations will also present to participants.

For detailed program, information about the festival and contact, visit 9th Konya International Mystic Music Festival official website

For information about travelling to Konya, Turkey, please contact us here.


Fire of Anatolia – The Legendary Dance Show

The Fire of Anatolia (Anadolu Ateşi) is a worldwide known Turkish traditional dance group that was established in 1999. They synthesize hundreds of folkdance figures from different regions of Anatolia with a modern touch, accompanied by amazing light and sound performance. The group has performed in more than 85 countries all over the world and received appreciation on a large scale. The Fire of Anatolia also has two Guinness records; the fastest dance performance with 241 steps per minute and the largest audience, 400.000 people in Eregli, Turkey.  For the programme of shows and venues, visit website of the Fire of Anatolia



Woman’s Weekly Magazine – Belly Dancing

Our belly dancing tours were mentioned in 12 June 2012 Issue of Woman’s Weekly Magazine in the UK. In the news titled “a break with tradition”, the magazine gave place to Unison Turkey’s two-night/three-day package that includes belly dancing classes, city tours and B&B accommodation. If you want to get this fantastic experience too, visit Unison Turkey website and contact us ! –

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Istanbul bustling with festivals !

We are so pleased that there are so many art and music festivals in Istanbul throughout the year. It’s great fun living in this amazing city. Especially in summer and autumn of every year, Istanbul hosts many cultural events including music, theatre, film festivals and biennials for enthusiasts. Some of the festivals coming soon in Istanbul and nearby cities are :










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