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Have you ever tried Boza in Turkey?

Have you ever tried Boza in Turkey? If no, at first let us explain you what it is. Boza, also known as bosa is a popular fermented beverage in Turkey. It is a malt drink made from maize (corn) and wheat in Albania, fermented wheat in Turkey and wheat or millet in Bulgaria and Romania. It has a thick consistency and a low alcohol content (usually around 1%), and has a slightly acidic sweet flavor.

In Turkey it is served with cinnamon and roasted chickpeas (Leblebi in Turkish), and is consumed mainly in the winter months. The Ottoman Empire was known to feed its army with boza as it is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins.

Vefa” shop, located in the Vafa district of Istanbul, is now a minor tourist attraction. Ömür Bozacısı of BursaKarakedi Bozacısı of EskişehirAkman Boza Salonu of Ankara and Soydan of Pazarcık, Bilecik are less touristy but well known other vendors in Turkey.

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Istanbul… Full of music in September

If you are planning to visit Istanbul in September, the city offers many art and culture choices, especially in music. We compile a short-list including different genres for you. Here are a few…

Velvet Villains Vestival 2013

50 Cent, Sky Blu of LMFAO, Ne-Yo, Inna, Akon, Far East Movement, and other surprise artists… All of them will come together for the first Urban Festival in the history of Istanbul! The festival will take place on August 30 and 31 in Kucukciftlik Park, Istanbul.







Rock’n Coke Istanbul 2013

Turkey’s biggest rock and electronic music festival will begin on September 6, in this year. Numerous local and foreign bands and artists will take the stage on 5 different concept stage. Here is the main bands’ list:

  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Jamiroquai
  • The Prodigy
  • Hurts
  • Duman
  • Editors
  • Within Temptation
  • maNga
  • Aylin Aslım
  • Büyük Ev Ablukada
  • Rebel Moves
  • And more…







Lana Del Rey

The woman of “Dark love story”, Lana Del Rey will come in Istanbul for a special concert on September 20. Wear “Blue Jeans”, and experience “Summertime Sadness”…













…and Final Countdown! The world famous hard rock band, Europe will rock Istanbul on September 28, 2013! The stage will be in Life Park, Sarıyer.


Belly Dancing with Bozenka

***7 days to go until our Belly Dancing week in Istanbul with Bozenka & Reyhan Tuzsuz starts***

We are so excited about this very special tour… Experience magic of belly dance with world-renowned belly dance performers Bozenka and Reyhan Tuzsuz, shop at the most famous bazaars, enjoy the life in Istanbul!

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11th Istanbul LGBT Pride March – 2013

11th Istanbul LGBT Pride Parade took place as a great event on June 30 in Taksim, Istanbul. Not only gays but thousands of people marched with the request of respect and acknowledgement of differences. We would like to see you among us at 12th LGBT Pride March :)

Here is a short video about Gay Pride 2013 in Istanbul. Enjoy it!


Istanbul Shopping Fest ’13

A festival as lively as Istanbul… Istanbul Shopping Fest, which is the largest shopping festival in Turkey, continuing in full swing to June 30th, 2013. ISF’13 offers you special discounts of up to 50%, numerous cultural and artistic activities, special accommodation privileges, advantageous prices in eating and drinking, and so on!


Here are some special discounts…

Some options for eating and drinking…


Detailed information about brands, shopping malls, activities, accommodation offers and more is at Istanbul Shopping Fest 2013 websiteofficial Facebook page, and official Twitter account.



Garden Tour 2013 with Gursan Ergil

Unison Turkey and Gursan Ergil has hosted a group of Botanic Experts from Saskatchewan University of Canada for a comprehensive Horticulture Tour of Turkey. The group has visited vinyards, collected roses, chased orchides and mushrooms, been to many national parks, seen monumental trees, met experts and professors of horticulture and visited historical heritages of Turkey.  Gursan Ergil has leaded the tour along with Sara Williams from Saskatchewan University.



A Journey from Houston to Istanbul

Unison Turkey was mentioned on travel writer Kate Parham’s “Istanbul, Three Ways” article on Houston Chronicle.

“If it’s your first trip to Istanbul, consider hiring a guide from Unison Turkey, a boutique tour operator known for their local andhistorical expertise and friendly guides (all of which speak English)” Kate Parham said.

Read the Parham’s full article about her Istanbul journey here.


Istanbul 2020 Olympics

Istanbul, the hearth of the culture, history, and sports, is one of the most popular candidate cities of the Olympics 2020. The city is totally ready for the olympics with its infrastructure, new stadiums and pools, as well as accommodation and traffic solutions. In the past years, Istanbul was the host city for several championships and organizations such as Istanbul F1 Grand Prix, 2010 FIBA World Championship, 2013 CEV Volleyball Champions League Final Four, 2012 FINA World Swimming Championships, Eurasia Marathons in every year, and so on. Now the target is the Olympics 2020! If you want to watch the Olympics 2020 in Istanbul, support Istanbul 2020 on Facebook and Twitter!

Istanbul 2020 Website

Istanbul 2020 on Facebook

Istanbul 2020 on Twitter



Top 3 Shopping Centers in Istanbul!

Istanbul… It is not only a culturally and historically rich city, but also the heart of fashion and shopping! Every year, millions of tourists keep up with latest fashion trends and come to Istanbul for shopping. Istanbul has several shopping places, streets and malls. We selected our Top 3 favorites for you:

1. Istinye Park Shopping Center

Istinye Park is the newest high end, popular shopping mall Istanbul. It has 291 stores, 85,250 sqm of retail area, and four levels of underground parking.

The center features both enclosed and open air sections that offer street shopping. Also the center includes an authentic Turkish food bazaar inspired by Turkish architecture and history. It is also a good place for star spotting.







2. Nisantasi District

Nisantasi is a quarter of Şişli district, Istanbul, Turkey. It includes the stores of world famous brands and has many popular cafés, pubs, restaurants and night clubs. Abdi Ipekci Street, Turkey’s most expensive shopping street in terms of lease prices.







3. Bagdat Avenue

Bagdat Avenue (Baghdad Avenue) is a famous high street located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

The one-way avenue with old trees is flanked with shopping malls, department stores, fashion garment stores, elegant shops offering world famous brands, restaurants of international and local cuisine, pubs and cafes, luxury car dealers and bank agencies. Bağdat Avenue may be considered as a large open air shopping mall.







So, how can you easily see these places and shop all day and night? Join our Let’s Shop in Turkey tour with Canadian celebrity designer Cheryll Gillespie and her talented daughter Sam Shakura. Check out the tour itinerary and contact us!



Destination Board: Marmara and Aegean

Two of the most beautiful region of Turkey, Marmara Region and Aegean Region… You can surely find the triology of history, fun and relaxation out there. Unison Turkey offers you a great experience in these two region with horticulture expert Gursan Ergil!

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3 Capitals of Ottoman & Horticulture of Turkey with Gursan Ergil – 25 May – 9 June 2013

3 Capitals of Ottoman & Horticulture of Turkey with Gursan Ergil – 21 September – 3 October 2013

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