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Mount Nemrut National Park – Turkey

Did you know there were statues standing on top of a mountain in Turkey? Mount Nemrut is an important national park and scenic beauty that hosts an ancient city of Commagene Kingdom in Kahta, Adıyaman. In 1987, Mount Nemrut was made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Kingdom of Commagene was an ancient kingdom of the Hellenistic Age. Mount Nemrut, the tumulus of King Antiochos of Commagene and the sacred spaces are the main parts of the National Park. Some other cultural values in the area are the Colossuses of Antiochos, Eskikale (Old Castle), Yenikale (New Castle), Karakus Hill and Cendere Bridge.

The region is provided by road transport. It is quite easy to transport from Adiyaman Airport to Mount Nemrut. There are also service vehicles from Adiyaman city centrum and Kahta.

Let’s take a closer look at Mount Nemrut National Park !