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All invited to Rakkas Istanbul Festival 2015!

Rakkas Istanbul International Oriental Dance Festival will take place in Turkey between 10-14 June 2015. 26 world-renowned bellydance performing artists and teachers from all over the world, in other words the masters of oriental dance world will join and perform in this great festival.

Besides the belly dancers from all over the world, Oriental Istanbul’s famous Turkish bellydance teachers and world-renowned belly dancer Asena will be there!

We are more than happy for such a great festival in our country, and also congratulate Serkan Tutar on his accomplishment, presents Rakkas Istanbul festival.

See you there in June 2015!



Belly Dancing with Bozenka

***7 days to go until our Belly Dancing week in Istanbul with Bozenka & Reyhan Tuzsuz starts***

We are so excited about this very special tour… Experience magic of belly dance with world-renowned belly dance performers Bozenka and Reyhan Tuzsuz, shop at the most famous bazaars, enjoy the life in Istanbul!

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Woman’s Weekly Magazine – Belly Dancing

Our belly dancing tours were mentioned in 12 June 2012 Issue of Woman’s Weekly Magazine in the UK. In the news titled “a break with tradition”, the magazine gave place to Unison Turkey’s two-night/three-day package that includes belly dancing classes, city tours and B&B accommodation. If you want to get this fantastic experience too, visit Unison Turkey website and contact us ! –

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