Etiket Arşivi: romanis

Hidrellez (Spring Festival) celebrated in Turkey

Oriental Istanbul took dance lover ladies from UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Japan to a wonderful and unique jouney in Turkey in which they enjoyed a great week full of Romani dance, culture and street parties.

They were taught the technique and style of the Romani dance from master teachers Ozgen and Reyhan. After going through an intense course in Istanbul, they travelled to Edirne, the heart of the gypsy community in Turkey to celebrate Hidrellez together with the locals in town.



Hidrellez is the traditional early spring festival, celebrating the awakening of the nature, every year throughout Anatolia. It is believed that every wish you make tonight will be accepted, as tonight prophet Hizir comes to help for help of those who need it.



Hidrellez is a very important day for Romanis and is celebrated all through the night with street parties. The streets bustle with Gypsy music bands and crowds dancing to the 9/8 rhythm. The tradition is to jump over a fire and make a wish. You can also write or draw your wish and bury it under a plant or tie it on a tree branch. Also in Edirne, the Romani people have the tradition to go by the river very early in the morning to take a ritual dip in the cold water.