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Unison at #WTM15

Unison team was at World Travel Market 2015 in London to share travel insights, opinions and trends. It was gorgeously inspiring to us! Also, we’ve missed master belly dance performer and teacher Ozgen so much and it was unthinkable to leave London without seeing him… See him soon again!

wtm_world_travel_market_2015_unison_turkey wtm_world_travel_market_2015_unison_turkey wtm_world_travel_market_2015_unison_turkey


Biennial is in the city!

14. Istanbul Biennial by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts is coming everywhere in the city that water can possibly reach… The biennial, namely “Saltwater” this year, will be visited between the dates of 5 September and 1 November 2015 at over 30 venues.

Works by over sixty artists and other participants, including oceanographers, story tellers, mathematicians and neuroscientists, will be emplaced in a city-wide exhibition on the Bosphorus. Here is the recommended 3-day walk tour for visiting all the biennial works: 



Freshly Recommended Culinary Tour

World-renowned food writer, newspaper columnist for the Irish Examiner, owner of Ballymaloe Cookery School in Shanagarry teacher, cookbook author and television presenter, Darina Allen, has visited Turkey and fascinated with Turkish culinary!

She has taken a culinary tour with Claudia Turgut from Unison Turkey’s Culinary Tours and tasted local Turkish foods on the streets. You can find her all impressions, notes and recommendations in her blog here.

You can follow Darina’s inspirational blog from here:


Freshly Recommended Garden Tours!

Our garden tours have been recommended in Trip of a Lifetime: Istanbul & The Turkish Coast book wroten by Leeann Murphy. The book involves many touristic areas, and in sports and recreation parts, Murphy provides a couple of nice experiences information about Büyükada, Gülhane Park and Belgrad Forest. At the final, Murphy mentiones Unison Turkey’s exciting garden tours which gather the most beautiful gardens and botanic parks from all over Istanbul.

You can kindly find this very informative and stimulating book of Leeann Murphy in many top bookstores.

Trip of a Lifetime: Istanbul & The Turkish Coast unison turkey garden toursTrip of a Lifetime: Istanbul & The Turkish Coast unison turkey garden tours


Recommended Hidrellez Tour!

Our Hidrellez Tour has been recommended as “one of the world’s greatest travel experiences with local people” by Curious Animal Magazine!

In the article with the title of Meet The Locals, Olugbemi Oladipo collects 11 of the world’s greatest travel experiences with local people, and one of them is welcoming spring with the Romani in Turkey. The author has mentioned magical street dancing, gypsy music, jumping over the fire, and burying a written wish under a plant.

Well, how can you reach this kind of amazing local experience? We have got something for you:

Hidrellez Romani Festival with Dalia Carella & Reyhan Tuzsuz – 1-6 May 2015

You can reach the article here.


Streetdust – A Smart Tourguide App

Streetdust is a new and charming app produced for Istanbul’s Taksim district, providing stories of the streets, buildings and monuments nearby with their visuals and audios. The app has basicly two mode: Explore Mode, for users who prefer explore around spontaneously, and Tour Mode for the users who prefer a planned tour experience.As an option, you can also download all the offline content when you are not connected the Internet on the streets. Available in English, Streetdust is coming for Paris, Barcelona and London soon. For more info, visit












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